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Technology is destroying our personalities. We are so focused out our texting and Facebook and Twitter, that we can't make connections with the people that are right in front of our faces. Everybody has a personality, and in whatever you do, you will have to interact with people, so it only makes sense to really learn how different personalities interact with each other, and what types of personalities work well together. No two people are alike because of their personalities. Personality is the distinctive characteristic patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that uniquely define an individual. Some people may have similar personalities, but there is always one trait that sets two people apart.
Five years from now, personality will definitely still be looked at in Psychology. In fact, I believe that personality is something that will always be looked at in everything we do. Everybody needs to interact with people to create our society. People are not making the direct personal contact that is necessary to create relationships, because they are glued to their phones and to Facebook. If we do not take a step back from technology, we will forget the feeling of interacting with each other, and we will ruin our society.

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