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When I was first assigned chapter 15 in our textbook, I was a little disappointed that it was so deep into our required reading, but when I opened up my book and started reading I was pleasantly surprised. I was so interested that a 15-20 minute skim wouldn't be sufficient and I had to read every word. The most interesting thing about this chapter was being able to read about the truth behind the psychological disorders that are frequently depicted in TV shows and movies. Reading about statistics and case studies for disorders like schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities), and bipolar disorder made me realize that the psychological disorders on TV shows and in movies are either examples of extremely rare symptoms of those disorders or completely inaccurate portrayals. Other interesting sections of chapter 15 were the sections on panic disorder and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I found these sections interesting because as a Marine, I have a lot of experience with fellow Marines dealing with PTSD and I am currently dealing with a panic disorder related to combat in Afghanistan. It was nice to read about symptoms and origins of disorders that I am very familiar with. Overall chapter 15 was worth the time to read and was very interesting. I can't wait to discuss it in depth and broaden my knowledge of psychological disorders, their symptoms and causes.

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