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Chapter 16 covers many unusual forms of treatment for people with mental health issues. It covers several topics including biomedical treatments, spanning from medication to surgery; it also covers several less severe forms of treatments in the form of psychotherapy. One form of psychotherapy that stood out was group therapy. One use of group therapy, which is listed in the book is for Alcoholics Anonymous. One of the main points discussed within alcoholics anonymous is "once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic," after reading this I began to think about this statement and how it might have an effect on those people considered alcoholics as well as other people with different so called 'diseases.'

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Alcoholism is one of many problems that people battle others such as eating disorders and cheating (within a relationship) carry many of the same ideas as alcoholism. All of these carry the idea that once it is started it is much like a drug or disease and is a part of you for life, thus the idea "once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic." Now if these people who supposedly have a disease are told now that they are this type of a person they are always this type of person wouldn't one think that this would in fact make them more self conscious of themselves and make it even more difficult for them to quit, seeing as hearing these words would make ones personality and ego wounded. Imagine if you were the one with the disease and you were told these words; would you find it more difficult to be happy with yourself and quit what you have struggled with for so long?

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