Are you really havingan out of body experience?

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We have all seen in movies when peoples' consciousness leaves their bodies and floats away. Scientists have been battling with this concept for awhile now. Statistics have shown that a quarter of college student and ten percent of the population have reported experiencing these out of body experiences. These events have been portrayed as the consciousness floating above the body, experiencing hallucinations or lucid dreams, and body sensations. Researchers have tried to replicate these findings by comparing the sights and sounds of an out of body experience in a specific location, but they were able to conclude that the participants were just good at making guesses about what they saw or heard. Not only were researchers not able to replicate the findings but the claim was disproved that people surface out of their bodies. Some possible explanations could be that our physical bodies could be disrupted which may lead to the exact same effects that one may endure with they go through an out of body experience. Our sensory information can join together from all different pathways to create this experience. When the sensory and physical sensations intertwine we deceive ourselves into thinking that our consciousness can leave our bodies


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