Depth Perception in Sensation and Perception (Assignment #2)

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The topic that I chose to write about was Depth and Perception in Section 4.1. Depth Perception gives us the capability to see things in three dimensions but also to be able to reach out and grab things. It gives us the ability to move around without crashing into something and gives us the ability to navigate. There are two cues that are part of depth perception: Monocular depth cues which only rely on one eye while there is also binocular depth cues which use both eyes.
I think it is important because depth perception has a great deal of effect on our daily lives. It gives us the ability to move around and touch things and have that spatial recognition and navigation. It is the reason why functioning throughout the day is capable.
In the video Robin Williams takes the wrong medication impairing his depth perception. The questions that I still have about depth perception are, once a person's depth perception is obstructed can it still be fixed. Is there any medication that also helps a person's depth perception and what diseases affect depth perception?

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