Everyone you know has been replaced by imposters!

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Have you ever looked at a friend or family member and think that something about them seems a bit different than normal? Not just something different like a new hair cut or clothes, but almost like that person has been replaced by an almost identical imposter. People with Capgra's Syndrome believe that their loved ones, pets, and sometimes even inanimate objects have been replaced by replicas.

Although there are many theories about the cause for this disorder, the most prevalent theory is that it is caused by of a disturbance in the visualization process that takes part throughout many areas in the brain. When you see an object or a person there are usually emotions tied to you seeing that person or object; and it is believed that patients with Capgra's don't have that emotional connection due to some sort of brain injury. A majority people who are afflicted with Capgra's have some sort of psychotic disorder. It is believed that damage to the amygdala is the main cause. The amygdala is the gateway from the temporal lobe, where we identify the thing we are seeing, and the limbic system, where we generate an emotional response from what we see.

Because Capgra's syndrome is very rare, little is known how to treat it. Although some patients do recover from the disorder and medication may help manage it. Unfortunately for many sufferers, no amount of medication or treatment can be used to cure them.

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