The future of memory drugs

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I find memory to be a fascinating feature of the human brain. Memory is the retention of information over time. I have always wondered what it is in our brain that makes certain memory last a lifetime while other things can only last a few seconds. Wouldn't it be great if everything you read from your textbook and heard in lectures was retained in your brain and never forgotten? If you could access any kind of memory at anytime, school and life itself would be a breeze.

In an article I found there are many prescription drugs to help people suffering from attention disorders. But there are few drugs that can improve overall memory for normal people. However there is a memory pharmaceuticals experimental drug, MEM 1414. This drug is in phase one of testing safety on people. MEM 1414 acts as antagonist on a special enzyme in your brain that creates new memories. Although this drug is specifically designed for people suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer's it can be used on people to improve memory.

MEM 1414 reminds me a film that I have recently seen called Limitless. Limitless is about a man who takes an unknown drug that helps him access any information in his life that he has ever seen, read or heard. He becomes a genius that makes millions in investment banking. Does Limitless portray the future of memory drugs to come?

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