A Test of IQ...Are You Smart Enough to Know Who's Smart?

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Google IQ and hundreds of websites are found, all promising to "fast, free, and accurate." But, we do not need these tests; we all know we're smart, right? After all, we did get in to the University of Minnesota. But who's the smartest here? While looking around a lecture hall most could, (with help from a considerable amount of bias) somewhat easily, pick out the 'smartest' and not so smart of the class. Some would base their conclusions on who was taking notes or logged off Facebook; others would decide based on gender, race, or socioeconomic status. This topic is very controversial, for obvious reasons. According to our Lilienfeld text, there is very little difference in IQ between men and women. Men and women do, however, differ in who is best at specific mental abilities. For example, men tend to be better at tasks that require spatial ability, while women excel at verbal tasks. Race is possibly the most controversial topic in discussing what affects IQ. This topic remains especially controversial because according to our text, some races do have higher average IQs than others. Socioeconomic status has also shown an effect on IQ. Those with lower socioeconomic status tend to have a lower IQ, possibly because of low intellectual stimulation or even poor nutrition. While IQ trends may seem discouraging to some, there is a positive. Although IQ is correlated with school success, it is not the only factor. effort.jpg Intellectual curiosity, mental energy, and perhaps most importantly, motivation and effort, have important roles in life outcomes. In planning for spring semester classes, remember: IQ + effort = OUTCOME!
What will your outcome be?

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