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Before taking this class, I used to think that children do not know anything; that their minds could take in very little information. However, after reading the information in the Psych. 1001 textbook concerning child development, I had to reevaluate my train of thought, especially the article dealing with video games and its impact on young children, lets just say I had a change of heart. The three articles included one arguing that violent video games made children more aggressive, and another arguing that violent video games rather made children less violent. Personally, I thought the article advocating that more violent video games resulted in less violent children was absurd. It went against all logic. I thought the 'violent video games causes violent children' article had compelling evidence to back it up. My conviction was further strengthened during the discussion sections. We as a class saw a study conducted with young children.On the first day, the group was exposed a clip from the television show 'Barney'. On the second day, the same group of children was shown a fighting scene from the T.V show 'Power Rangers'. Which show do you think elicited violence in the children? To find out the answer, click on this link . Children really do take in information from their surroundings(models).

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