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Is EQ as important as IQ? A large majority of people would say no, because we have never learned this subject. In contrast, as we have learned a lot of courses to increase IQ, people usually think IQ is more important.

When Dan Goleman came up with the word of "EQ", which means the emotional intelligence of reading personal and other's minds and apply this information, people started noticing EQ. In fact, EQ is as important as IQ. Not only EQ is applied to promote relationship management, but also it is applied in the daily life. For example, a lot of American companies train their employees for increasing their emotional intelligence. The training is trying to help the employees understand what their own emotions are, and listen to their own emotions when they make decisions.

Most research advocates that emotional intelligence can predict job performance better than general intelligence, because high emotional intelligence can reflect personality traits of extraversion, agreeableness and openness to experience, and decrease the possibilities of psychological problems.

As we all know, the characters in the big bang theory. Sheldon, who has 187 IQ, is definitely a genius, but his EQ is pretty low. He does not know how to communicate and build a relationship with others, which set a lot of obstacles in his life.

While studying this ideas, there are questions occur to me that whether IQ and EQ could be exist together on one person. As high EQ makes people use emotion to think too much, emotional thinking affects rational thinking.

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Happiness is an integral part of emotional intelligence. As long as you are happy you have a better mindset of your personal goals in life.

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