Parenting Styles: Which One is Better?

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There are many different ways in which people raise their children. Some parents are very strict with rules and limitations for their kids. Other parents are very permissive of just about any behavior their children exhibit. Thanks to Diana Baumrind's work, three major parenting styles have been identified.
1. Permissive Parenting: This style describes parents who tend to be "lenient with their children, allowing them considerable freedom inside and outside the household. They use discipline sparingly, if at all, and often shower their children with affection," (Lilienfeld 388).
2. Authoritarian Parenting: This style describes parents who "tend to be strict with their children, giving their children little opportunity for free play or exploration, and punishing them when they don't respond appropriately to their demands. They show little affection toward their children," (Lilienfeld 388).
3. Authoritative Parenting: This style describes parents who "combine the best features of both permissive and authoritarian worlds (of parenting). They're supportive of their children but set clear and firm limits with them," (Lilienfeld 388).
A fourth style that was identified after Baurmind's work was the Uninvolved Parenting style. These parents ignore their children, paying little to no attention to any behavior of the child, either positive or negative.
The study performed by Baumrind was of Caucasian middle-class families in the United States, so these parenting styles may not apply well to other ethnicities and cultures around the globe. I can say from personal experience, because I am from a Caucasian middle-class family, that these parenting styles are fairly accurate to what I have seen. I suppose if I had to pick, I believe my parents used the Authoritative style of parenting. They had plenty of rules for my siblings and I, but they also let us have quite a bit of freedoms. For example, every day after school, they made us do our homework. However, after the homework was done, we could go play with friends or play video games, or anything else we could want to do.
It is noted in the course text book that these parenting styles tend to apply more to and individualistic culture, like that of the United States, as opposed to a collectivist culture like that of China. I think it would be very interesting to see what parenting styles would be observed of countries other than the United States and see if they are consistent with the already established styles or not. Do these styles fit your parenting or how you were raised?

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