Schooling Makes Us Smarter-Generic Prompt #1

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For assignment five, I would like to focus on the concept that suggests schooling makes individuals smarter. This makes perfect sense to me because I was always taught to do well in high school, attend a well-respected college, graduate with a useful degree, and finally, go on to get a good job. Schooling was made to make us smarter, right? After reading this concept in the Lilienfeld text, I learned that it could be possible it's the other way around. The text mentions that people with higher IQs enjoy classes more, which could make them more likely to stay in school throughout college. My education has always been a top priority in my life and I was always expected to do well. I would argue that this theory is inaccurate. If I relate this concept to my life, I did well in high school and I plan to do the same in college. If this theory were true, I would have had a high IQ and enjoyed my classes. The problem with this theory is that I didn't enjoy my classes in high school but I still received good grades. The correlation between number of years of schooling and IQ scores is about .6, which is fairly high. I would like to know the correlation between people with higher IQs that go on to extra years of schooling. The book also claims that children's IQs tend to drop by significant amounts during the three months of summer vacation. I know that in some countries summer vacation is only a few weeks long, has America ever thought about looking into a shorter vacation for children?


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