Social Roles

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Social role theory is between the roles of a man and a women. A man is seen to be bigger and stronger so they are seen as the providers where as women are seen to be more caring since they are the ones that have the children. We see this today in American society where there are stay at home wives and working husbands.
Many of the house wives you see today are those of financially fit families where they can afford to only have one income coming in which is not very common in most of the American population. The number of stay at home wives has decreased over the decades while the role of men being at the top and being the provider is still in effect today. In the work force it is more common for a man to obtain a higher job status than a women with the same qualifications as that man.I believe this is the case because of the fact that women do bear the children so they may need to take a leave of work one day.
One of the things that I still wonder about dealing with this topic is that since the amount of house wives has decreased dramatically over decades will it ever be switched roles for men and women? Will there be more women in the work force with higher statuses then men in the future or will it always be men as the provider and women being caring and nurturing?

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