5 Years From Now

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Thinking back on this semester, I cannot believe that I learned so much! It is crazy to me to think that after reading the entire textbook, and attending every lecture and discussion, we have only touched base on most topics in Psychology. Five years from now, I hope to not forget anything that I learned in this introductory course, mostly because I plan on majoring in Psychology.

There were so many important and fascinating subjects that I learned this semester, but a concept that I think I will always carry with me though, especially five years from now, will be correlation vs. causation. To further explain, it is the idea that even though something can be related to a situation or circumstance, it does not always mean that it is the cause of the situation or circumstance. I learned a bit of this when I took a statistics course last year, but it was not until I took this course did I really get its full impact. correlation-vs-causation.png It is a very important concept that can be applied to many different things, and at least for me, comes up in conversation quite a lot. It is very handy when it comes to making a point in a discussion, or even making jokes.

There are so many other concepts that are equally important, but this seems as if it will be the most memorable five years from now.

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