Classical Conditioning

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When looking back on my life, I can think of plenty of times when psychology has either helped me or was important to me. Most of the time I use my knowledge of psychology to help me understand why I behave the way I do. A lot of this is looking back on my childhood. I look back and try to figure out why certain have impacted the way I act and think today. One specific concept of psychology can generally explain why I behave the way I do. This concept is the idea of classical conditioning. A lot of the time I am classically conditioned to react certain ways to certain stimuli. I am generally a person that tends to flinch when I am around people. I always wondered why I always did this, the concept of classical conditioning explained why perfectly. I grew up with two brothers and one sister. My brothers and I acted like typical brothers would; we fight from time to time and did a lot of roughhousing. This has resulted in the amount I flinch around people. My brothers and I would walk around the house and just take random shots at each other's arms. This meant that I had to walk around my house always on guard. I was conditioned to flinch when I saw my brothers. Due to this, I have become a pretty flinchy person around other people. I have generalized the stimulus to fit with a lot of other people. roughhousing-295x300.jpg

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