Nature vs. Nurture

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I have learned many useful concepts in Psychology throughout the course of this semester, and I do not doubt that I will remember the majority of them. One that I am sure I will remember years from now, however, is nature vs. nurture. Nature vs. nurture has always been fascinating to me. Nature vs. nurture's main debate concerns whether one's development is influenced more by their genetic inheritance or environmental factors that surround them. Additionally, others believe both nature and nurture have an effect. Each side of this debate has valid explanations to back up their opinions.

I think this information will stick with me for years to come because it is easy to find examples of in everyday life and because I am very interested in this topic. I have found that I tend to remember pieces of information better and for longer periods of time when they are more captivating to me. A few examples of nature vs. nurture in real life are twin studies, adoption studies and family studies. One that relates to us college students is intelligence. Are intelligent people born with it due to genetics, or is it primarily caused by their upbringing?

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