Psy1001 Concept I Am Likely to Remember Most

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I have come across many topics throughout this semester in PSY1001 that I feel I will remember for many years to come. However, one topic that really jumped out at me is from Chapter 11 on Emotion and Motivation. There is a section near the end of the chapter titled "Social Influences on Interpersonal Attraction" where three major principles that guide attraction are discussed: proximity, similarity, and reciprocity. Proximity is simply the principle that you form an attraction towards someone that you are often physically around. Similarity is the principle that attraction will develop between two people that share the same interests and beliefs. The last principle that guides attraction is reciprocity, which is vital once a relationship moves to deeper emotional levels. Reciprocity is the rule of "give and take", which means that a successful relationship includes maintaining equity in the relationship by giving what one receives.
I feel like I will remember this in years to come because relationships are very important to me so understanding how and why they develop is vital information. Also, the information is not very complex and is rather intuitive so that will help in remembering it. These three principles that guide attraction will be useful to remember because they are quite concrete and are not likely to change in light of new research or something of the sort.

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