What I Will Remember Best

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There are many things I learned about myself and also in understanding others during this class. A lot of which I know I will be able to think back to and reflect on. One thing that really did leave a huge mark and really made me think about what I would be doing if placed in the situation was the Milgram study, I have never really been in a position where I would have to intentionally place pain upon some one, I hope not many people have. In our discussion we watched a video of a study that was meant to mimic the Milgram study, and that video is what really made that thought set in. I was very surprised with the amount of people that were willing to continue to send the electric shocks simply because they were instructed to. There are a lot of things that people are instructed to do in a daily life, but I do not feel I would be able to do something like that even if told. Watching the study made me question more of what people in my life would do also, and if the would stand up for how wrong it is to do that to someone. It also made me think about if I knew that it was going on, even if I was not participating, what I would do. It was one of the thing that I do not feel I would be able to keep my comments to myself about. A lot of people do not stand up for what they feel is right and what is wrong mainly out of fear that they will be looked at differently, or seen as abnormal, but when it comes to something like this I do not feel like staying quiet is the option I would take. Over all this study, in some way, made me think more about what I am doing and how it will effect others, and also my reasoning behind why I am doing it and if I am doing it for myself or if I am simply doing it because I have been told to even if I do not agree with it. That lesson is something that is important to reflect on and I feel is a huge positive take away from this course.

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