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2000-09-29.gif We all know how awkward it can be when we give the thumbs up signal to someone who believes that the thumbs up is an insult, or wave hello to someone who believes we're telling them to go away, or the often too common misperception of yes for no and no for yes; the list is endless! But how much more embarrassing when we're trying to make a move on someone...and we cross cultural barriers of flirting? In a world where the majority of our communication is non-verbal, doesn't it seem ironic that we spend no time learning 'the language' of our gestures? Why don't universities offer something like FLIRT1001? How can we teach French, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic, etc. and forget to learn the non-verbal language? Seems ironic, right? 1.jpeg I've personally never been in a more uncomfortable situation than when I'm in Egypt and the men stare me down; it's not unfamiliar to find someone staring at you to get your friends here joke about 'raping someone with your eyes,' but in Egypt, it's totally normal! But when you remove yourself and travel across the world, you find that the cultural and acceptable norms of flirting couldn't be more diverse! This article captures it all too well! But how valid and reliable are these claims? Can we oversimplify actions of attraction to definition? images.jpg Although we could evaluate these claims with the scientific principles of thinking, I personally believe that of the six (falsifiability, replicability, rival hypotheses, Occam's Razor, correlation versus causation, and extraordinary claims), the most important is replicability . This series of videos (Part 1 and Part 2) there are specific rules to follow! But we must find the replicability of these findings; we need a larger sample size and descriptive approaches because these tendencies of human communication, I believe, can't be generalized within the lab; they must be observed! So what do you guys think? Ever been any place and found yourself confused because of flirting habits?

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