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IQ within intact families

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In a family study, researchers are able to examine the extent to which a trait runs or goes together in intact families. Intact families are families where all members have lived together for a duration of their life. Francis Galton studied family studies and he conducted the first family study. Galton discovered that a very smart individual had many first-degree relatives that were also very smart, but fewer second and third degree relatives that were that intelligent. Research has shown that there is a .5 correlation of IQ between brothers and sisters raised in the same family, but only .15 correlation of IQ between cousins. This finding proves that there is a positive correlation with IQ and families. This is interesting because it shows how an environment which you are raised in or even genetics may affect ones IQ.

This applies to my life because even though it has not been tested, I believe that I have a very similar IQ to my brother. My brother and I both were raised together, in the same environment for our entire life. We now both attend the U of M. My brother and I had very similar high school GPA's and ACT scores. This is interesting to me because I think its crazy that two separate people can have such similar intelligence. We were raised in the same environment and have the same genetics so it is evidence that IQ runs within families.

I used the Psychology text book, page 337 to research this topic


Fathers Role

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images.jpeg While growing up, I think that it is very important to have a father figure present in you life. The role of a father is different in many ways than the role of a mother. Children rely on both their mothers and fathers being there to support them while growing up. Fathers are less attentive toward their babies than mothers are and fathers will spend less time with their babies than mothers will. However, when fathers play with their children, they play more physically and involved than a mother would. It has been studied that children will play with their father over their mother any day. Children will benefit in the long run if they have a close relationship with their father. When a father is around their child, he is a very beneficial male influence on that child. When just a mother is raising a child, she finds it difficult to play a male role of a father.

I think that the role of the father is very important because their influence on their child will teach them so much throughout their life, even if they don't realize it. The child will benefit more when having a father figure around than just a mother. While growing up, my father played a huge role in my life. I remember playing many activities around the house, going to different sporting events, going on vacations and having a very close relationship with him. This was an important part of my life because I think that my mother would have had a difficult time trying to fill this role. If my father wasn't part of my life, I'm not sure if I would have ever experienced these type events. Thats why I think that it is very important to have a father part of ones life.


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