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I really like the concept of the big five model of personality, which is openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. According to Paul Costa, Robert McCrae, the big five personality predict many important behaviors in the real world. For example, as we did the experiment in the psychology discussion, the instructor asked us to imagine a trip, and not to worry about the money. In our group, we imagined to travel to Maui, Hawii and bought a beach house. We climbed the volcano, did the scuba diving and so on. However, we did not think about to prepare some things for the trip such as surfing board, ID, plane tickets and so on. From our imagination of the trip showed that our group members are high extraversion and low conscientiousness. Because we are more creative compared to other people, but we did not make a plan with details and structures.

The reason I think I will still remember it five years from now is that "OCEAN" as a handy mnemonic. In addition, I use the big five model of personality everyday. When I meet a new person, I can use the big five to tell the personality of the person, whether our personalities match or not.

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