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Standardized testing is a controversial test style for many people. Usually someone will either love it because of the way it is formatted or hate it because of the stress levels. I came across an interesting article that suggests because of both positive and negative aspects, standardized testing can play an important role in the advancement of students' education when used effectively.

Positive aspects:
1) Teachers are guided as far as what to teach students, resulting in better time management
2) Parents can see how their children are doing compared to other students of the same age locally and nationwide
3) Students' progress can be traced over the years
4) Since all the students in a school are taking similar tests, it is easy to compare members of the group (ex. boys compared to girls)

Negative aspects:
1) Teachers might be just teaching the test, that is, teaching the knowledge and/or skills necessary to do well on this one test rather than a complete subject
2) Some schools have cut away recess time in order to prepare for these tests (increased pressure to raise their test scores)
3) Stress on students and teachers, which can result in poor health and a negative outlook towards school
4) Extremely difficult to eliminate all testing bias

For me personally, I am not a fan of standardized tests simply because I feel they don't truly assess a student's knowledge. There are kids that are just better test takers than others and it doesn't necessarily mean that they deserve to go to a certain school more or will have more success in their future schooling. Standardized tests should not be abolished because they do offer some positive feedback, but changes need to be made so a student's and school's progress isn't based solely off of one test. For your viewing enjoyment here is a clip from the Simpsons about standardized testing!

Charlie bit my finger!!

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It can be assumed that most people familiar with the video-sharing website YouTube have seen or at least heard of this popular video It is one of the most watched YouTube videos of all time, and in fact it can teach us a lot about the psychological development of infants.

In only 56 seconds viewers see a range of emotions displayed from Harry, age three, and Charlie, age one. In the beginning of the video, Harry shows happiness and is playful with his younger brother. Charlie displays interest in Harry's finger and turns his head toward his brother when he hears him talking.

Once Harry sticks his finger in Charlie's mouth, he is content but quickly his facial expressions show surprise and then fear and pain once his finger is bitten. Charlie then laughs at the camera, probably imitating his father's facial gesture as he was laughing while videotaping this. The viewer can see that Charlie is fixating on his father's eyes as he is videotaping. After watching this video one can see the broad range of emotions and reflexes that infants are capable of expressing.

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