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Becky Selander

I've learned a lot of interesting things this semester in Psychology. I think that because I want to be a high school teacher, I will use a lot of what I learnt on a daily basis when trying to understand why my students act the way that they do so that I can better teach them. I really liked Bruce Hood's 200 word article called "Storytelling," because I think it really relates to my own ideas of how psychology will affect my life. I agree with him that the best public speakers know how to turn information into a story. I think that professors that are good at doing that are the most effective, and I hope I am able to use what I've learned in this class to be a more effective teacher someday.
I by far found the social psychology aspect of this class the most interesting, and I learned a lot about how my development as a child has affected my romantic relationships.
Even though its more of a general and broad topic, I think that what we learned at the beginning of this class will probably effect my life the most often, because I have already noticed it doing so, such as noticing conformation bias or recognizing extraordinary claims.

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