June 16, 2006

Dulhan ki Vidai (When bride leaves home)

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Unlike western weddings when newly wed couples jumps with joy after wedding and leave for honeymoon right away, Indian brides have to cry her heart out while leaving her parents house. Since the time I could remember I always detested this element of the wedding. I grew up and things seemed to change too. Westernization did not untouch our weddings too and crying out loud has turned into sobbing. This too would soon fade away as X-generation brides are discomfited in showing her tears. Do our elders (society keepers, as my good old friend would say) worry about this too?

Yes, they do...

Recently, Rajasthan held a competition in a mass wedding ceremony for brides. The competition was to remind the age-old culture of Indian wedding, so brides blazed out for the biggest tears and screams. Check here.

I amaze how happy could have been the crying winner!

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June 11, 2006

Life of a Mediocre

It is agreed that glory touches the feet of a winner. That life is pathetic for a loser, I cannot argue on that either. A winner knows and gets its niche and a loser achieves zilch. Ever wondered how life treats to a MEDIOCRE?

A mediocre dreams of everything, struggles through for something and in the end achieves only better than nothing. In my opinion the toughest character in the stage on life is leading a mediocre role. So with this blog I thought to pen down the irony, agony, etc. sputtered on the way of a mediocre in realizing its fate. I find apt and easiest to connect myself and a mediocre, thus it will be all about me.

However, the biggest challenge about writing is writing itself. A mediocre wants to write about a mediocre, so it would be unjust to expect the manuscript would be a prodigy. So a mediocre once again has to get over with the challenge to not to produce a writing with middling at best.

Stay tuned until I pass through this and mirror you with a life of a mediocre.

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