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Christiansenmas 2008 Planning

Joleen and Bruce have been busy getting things lined up for Christiansenmas. Stay tuned to this site and please send any information that will be useful to the group and I'll post on this blog. My personal email account is gadespg@fedtel.net

Event date: Weekend of December 6, 2008:

There is plenty of gathering space. It will accommodate 15-22 people for sleeping, depending how we pack it in. We are planning sleeping space at the lodge for Lyle & Donna to stay, and also Amy & family given they were the ones to find the lodge, along with the Bruce/Joleen clan. Not knowing which of your family members would drive vs. stay, we did not plan reservations beyond the Lodge yet.

There are several hotels very near in Willmar and the Country Inn and Suites has a large slide and water park. It could also be close enough for those who would just want to drive in for the day.

- A'venue is another property owned by the same people. It runs $195/night for up to 6 people. It may accommodate more and can be seen at http://www.grandcottages.com

- Country Inn & Suites is nearby in Willmar - there is a great waterslide & pool here for the kids. http://www.countryinns.com/hotels/mnwillma

- Holiday Inn, Willmar

And a few others in Willmar area which can be found through Hotels.com.

Here is the website for the lodge and a bit more info regarding it. http://www.grandcottages.com. There are some reviews at http://www.vrbo.com/88859. We also took photos when we stopped and made the reservations. See below (click on the photos to see larger images).

Party or Business Room Capacities
Single Room
Table Seating 25
Multiple Room
Table Seating 40
Stand Room 60


We are imagining that we could all gather on Saturday early afternoon at the lodge and spend the day together with a family meal at suppertime. It has a full kitchen, so we can use it to heat or cool whatever potluck dishes each family brings. For the evening, some may want to drive home and some may want to have rooms in Willmar.

Distances to New London Lodge:
Albany=42.1 mi Morris=53.3 mi St. Cloud= 53.4 mi
Sartell=57.4 mi Becker=72.5 mi Richfield=109 mi
Bloomington=126 mi Farmington=144 mi Fargo=160 mi
Duluth=198 mi Oronoco=190 mi Grand Forks=243.5 mi