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December 1, 2009

"Christiansenmas" 2009


I set up a Facebook event page for Christiansenmas also, but thought I could use this blog to post a running list of what everyone is planning to bring, as well as to let you all know how the guest list is shaping up.


Mom C's hotdish
Alligator Eyes
Assorted Sweets
Amy's Wassail
Golden Graham Peanut Butter Trail Mix
Buffalo Chicken Dip w/ Tortilla Chips
Matt's mini shrimp rolls
Kelly's 7-Layer Taco Dip
Nicole's BLT Dip w/crackers & a dessert
Pam's vegetable salad, Baked Mac & Cheese, Hello Dolly Bars, Cookies
Paula's Shrimp Dip w/crackers, various chips
Rosalee: Seasoned Pretzels


Matt's Wii system and 2 controllers, need more games & controllers
Christiansenmas "Bingo" with prizes for adults and kids
Scott's Zombie board game
Pam's "Shooters" Dice Game
Rosalee will bring some games
Some crafty items for kids arts/crafts table (ideas/donations are welcome)

Guest List:

Pam & Victor
Paula, Alayna & Willow
(maybe Stacy's kids)
Mom & Dad C
Amy, Scott, Hannah, Zac
Kelly & Dan
Nicole & Marty
Matt & Samantha "Sam"
Katie, Darren, & Wyatt
Bruce & Joleen
Joe, Shelly, Nathan, & Morgan
(maybe Isaac)
Rosalee & Bobby
Lynn & Maggie
Pat & Nick
Benj & Amanda

Haven't heard from:


Maybe attending:

Stacy, McKayla, & Lily