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This is most of a chapter that I've been false starting for months.  I want to know if you think this is worthwhile or a waste of time, and the extent to which you think I'm abusing alliteration

white hip white hop.doc


I can't really label this a chapter or part of a chapter. The majority of it is lit review (blech), but in this case it seemed necessary in order to figure out what exactly I have been doing with my data. I am identifying "themes" in the data, which I can talk about at the meeting, but felt I was losing site of what the themes are supposed to speak to. I think this helps me orient it back around institutional creation, but I guess that is what we can talk about on Thursday.

Sorry, again for the delay. I hope it is short enough to get through. I have single spaced it (following the convention set up by Chris). My preference is double spaced resource hogging printing, but space/and paper saving seems to be the norm these days.Happy reading. See you Thursday.

Joachim suggests me to share my proposals. I attached a successful one (IDF) and a not successful one (the NSF with panel comments). I hope some of you may find these documents useful. I'm still working on a section which describes organizational discourses on avian influenza (AI) interventions and shifts of the attention over time. Unfortunately I don't think I can finish it by Thursday. I'm attaching a summary table and will describe it on Thursday when we meet. Thanks!


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