December 6, 2005


Well this will be my last blog entry, and ironically enough, I'll be responding to my first set of questions. I don't play any sports, I'm more about theatre and movies, but I'm always rooting for the Gophs and the Vikes, as well as those good old Twins. I enjoy reading as well as being in the outdoors, canoeing, hiking, hunting, camping and the like. I have a tattoo of a dragon on my right bicep, I haven't come up with a name for him yet as I've only had it for a little over a month now. I'm in college studying to be an actor, a writer, or maybe one of those voice over guys in TV and movies, I haven't decided yet. I have three cats, and I want a dog too, but I'm worried the cats will eat him. That's all for now, have a great year, enjoy your winter break.

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November 29, 2005

Thanksgiving, Christmas part one...?

My Thanksgiving this year was pretty good. I spent most of my time playing with my little cousin Megan who is about three years old. She really likes dragons, so I showed her my tattoo and was explaining to her how it wouldn’t wash off. She wasn’t convinced, so she kept licking her hand and trying to rub the dragon off of my arm with her spit. My grandmother prepared a really nice turkey for all of us, as well as mashed potatoes and stuffing, I was sure to fill my stomach to the brim. After dinner everyone ran downstairs and watched the Denver/Dallas game on T.V. with their belts unbuckled and guts stretched out. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay very long because my mom had to work the next day, and we had a long drive back.
How was your Thanksgiving? Did you get to see any extended family that you hadn’t seen in a while? Did you travel anywhere far away? Did you have a good meal?

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November 8, 2005

Hey Lincoln People!

There was this one time when I was on a boat with some friends, and this guy was like, "Come to the back of the boat..."

I think my favorite teacher throughout high school was this dude named Fred Rupp. We of course had to call him Mr. Rupp, but outside the classroom we could call him Fred. He was just a really cool guy; he made learning about biology fun. We had to dissect cats as part of the class, and he walked us through it step by step. He had kind of a short temper though, if you didn't understand something and he thought you should be able to at the stage you were at, he tended to get a bit frustrated.
During the summer he ran a program called Les Voyageurs, which was a month long canoe trip up into Canada. I was fortunate enough to be able to go, and it was a blast. Some of the best memories I have are from that trip.


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November 1, 2005

I like being at the University of Minnesota alot. I'm not in a ny sports or anything like that, but I try and make it to as many football games as I can. GO GOPHERS! My home town is about an hour and a half away from the Twin Cities, so I'm pretty far away from all of my friends back home. But I'm meeting lots of cool people down here, so it's all good. That's all I have to say for now, rock on.

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October 25, 2005


My name is Murray Parent, I'm 18 years old and I'm from Saint Cloud, Minnesota. I really like to read and watch movies. I have three cats named Cydney, Samantha and Puck. I like dogs alot too, but I live in an apartment, so we can't have one. I'm going to school to become a writer, or an actor. Maybe both if I'm lucky.
Now some questions for you, what do you like most about school, and what do you like the least? What is your family like? And, if you could be any animal in the world, what would it be and why?

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October 13, 2005

The middle school I attended was far less diverse than Lincoln. I cant recall a single Black, Hispanic, or Native American, that went to Saint Peter Paul and Michael middle school. We had a few students who were Asian, but they had been adopted from Korea as infants and had spent the entirety of their lives in the households of white families, and basically had adopted white culture entirely. Looking at Lincoln, which boasts a large Black and Hispanic population, and whites making up only a small fraction, I can see that the environment of my education is far different. I hadnt really had much of a chance to interact with someone outside of my race on any level other than passing conversation until I had come to the University. The simple fact was, most people in Saint Cloud, and especially at the private schools, are Caucasian Christians. Many people refer to Saint Cloud as White Cloud, Minnesota. I think I would prefer to have come from a middle school, as well as a high school, with a more diverse backgrounds.

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September 29, 2005

One of the things that stood out for me in the reading is the program they have established at Lincoln that rewards students for not having behavoir referals. At my school, students weren't rewarded for not misbehaving, it was just expected that you would behave. Instead of rewarding those that were doing well, they punished those that were not. I guess it can be different for every setting though. I'm sure my schools system of punishment would be far less effective in a setting like lincoln.
I was also struck by the mention of adding two new pic-nic tables to their playground area. In Saint Cloud, I don't think that would have been worth mentioning at all.

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September 22, 2005

Well, both stories had their own pros and cons. But I found "The Things We Carry" to be the better of the two papers. It seemed to meet the criteria that one would expect in a paper that would be handed in. It was brief and to the point, saying in no uncertain terms exactly what it needed to say. The language was almost the definition of what a school paper should be. These things however, only succeeded in making it desperatly boring. It would more than likely have recieved a higher grade than "Mean Girls; a Case Study" but the latter of the two was far more engaging and interesting. Mean Girls was a bit longer than Things, but I found that reading mean girls went much faster, and the story stuck out in my mind that much better.

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September 13, 2005

Sh*tty First drafts

I thought that the article itself was ok, though it was tough at first to identify with a food critic for a magazine. But what really stood out for me was how he said that he was constantly writing and creating in different ways throughout the entirety of his day. For example, on page 26 he said:
"I speed or run an aging yelllow light or don't come to a full stop, and a nanosecond later am explaining to imagionary cops exactly why i ahd to do what I did, or insist that I did not in fact do it."
That sticks out for me mostly because I always find myself doing the exact same thing. At school I would sometimes worry after a test that my teacher would accuse me of cheating, so I would start running through my mind the exact times periods I studied, and double checking the lists of people who i had studyed with so they could back up my story. I would run through exactly what to say to my teacher, how to say it, as well as what i should not say to avoid incriminating myself. Of course, some people call that being paranoid, I like to think of it as creativity and preparedness.

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September 8, 2005

Allow me to introduce myself

Well let's see, first off the area where I grew up and went to school consists primarily of white german catholics. In fact some refer to Saint Cloud as "White Cloud" Minnesota. I however am one of the few residents of SC that has no german what-so-ever in my heritage. It's a fair sized city of a little over sixty thousand people. That's excluding the members of the three college campuses located around the city, (Saint Johns/Saint Bens, SCSU, and the local technical college) who of course never miss the chance to run downtown and visit the local bars for Thirsty Thursday.
As far as what I least and most enjoyed in highschool, I think I'd say the answer both would be the people. In Saint Cloud I met some of the most amazing people I've ever met in my life. On the reverse of the coin I've also met some of the worst. I know that Saint Cloud is my connection to people that will be with me for the rest of my life, and also the gateway to those that I will never see eye to eye with. But that's how it goes I suppose.
My favorite teacher goes hands down to one Robert Karn, aka Bibbidy Bob Karn. He was never hesitant to tell someone that they were being a slack off or not taking their work seriously, but that's as far as he would go. He pointed it out, you have to make the change happen. He was also undeniably brilliant in every aspect of literature, from Kafka to Homer, he knew it all. My worst teacher was probably my sophomore algebra teacher, just because we really didn't get along and she had clearly lost all passion for her job and had no time to deal with a smart alec like me.
I think Cathedral prepared me very well for college life, not only in the basics of how to study, but also in rules of common curtesy and respect toward others. I was able to learn by doing on numerous occasions, but my education wasn't unguided by any means. It was the proper ballance of self discovery as well as mentoring. I feel very confident about the education I have recieved there.
I never really decided, "Well i guess I'll go to college" it was just always assumed that I would. I didn't really realize that going to college wasn't something that every chose to do. That was mostly from my mothers influence, she would always say "well after high school, when you're in college..." etc. By the time I had my epiphany, I was already set on becoming a Marine Biologist and studying great white sharks of the coast of australia, so I just kept on rolling with it. It wasn't until I realized that I'm deathly afraid of large bodies of water and finally found my passion for Literature and film my freshman year of high school that I decided to go the route that I'm now on.
One thing about me that everyone should know is that I'm left handed. I know it may sound trivial, but by God it's important to me. Not many people realize the trials and tribulations that we south paws face. For example, how many of those little writing table deals are on the left side of your chair in and auditorium class hmm? Or how many cans have I had to akwardly open while my cats sit at my feet meowing for their dinner? What about consturction paper art projects that come out horribly wrong because I just can't or work the sissors? I'm not asking for any pity or special treatment, just some mild understanding and empathy, for my left handedness. Thank you.

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