Resource: Where to print Business Cards?

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I can't tell you how many times I've been asked for a business card (ok, well I can, if I really wanted to think about it, and it was probably only like 5 times). Especially as we all start networking, and attending networking events, business cards become an invaluable asset.

But were do we get them printed? We all have these amazing designs, but who wants to print out double-sided card stock and trim 500 cards? I don't.

Anyway. I've yet to order from them, but I've seen results from, and they've been great. Nothing special, of course, no gold leaf or metallic prints, but quality paper and quality inks.

You can get 250 standard 2 sided 4-color cards for $20. With free-shiping. They also have slimmer cards, and square cards, and they do simple die-cuts (of course, costs extra). Here are their die-cut options:


So again, the link is I've been in discussions with some customer service reps for various reasons, and they have been extremely helpful.

They also have a twitter: @UPrinting, and probably a facebook, but who uses facebook anymore anyway?

I love as well. The idea of having a variety of cards is smart.

I use Business Printing cheaper prices

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