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How awesome would it be to make sufficient money as a Freelance Designer?

This sounds amazing to all designers. Working from home, not having to listen to a boss, and making excessive amounts of money? Sounds like the life. Do some research and it isn't as enjoyable as it seems. To become a competent freelance designer requires a lot of work. Although working for yourself seems easier, laziness is out of the question.

Time flies.
Finding clients is the first step, which is a hard task to accomplish that takes much longer than you think. After finding clients working normal hours is out of the question. A constant flow of emails and calls is usual because you are the one-man team that has to take care of all phases necessary in a business. Most of this is cut working in any design firm, which has numerous clients already and have account executives to manage the funds.

Money is not always better.
Money can definitely be better as a freelance designer if you are prepared, experienced and bear high motivation. Just some things to think about if you want to become a freelancer, you must obtain your own health insurance, you cannot take paid vacations, and you will not receive a steady paycheck. Being able to depend on a paycheck is a nice feeling, especially when just getting out of school.

Awesome Opportunities.
Despite these factual pieces of information to open your eyes, we all still want this. We still all want to become freelancers. I am not saying we shouldn't or we can't. I am just presenting this information to take the advice of so many freelance designers to step out into the real world for a while and see what design firms are like. We will learn so much, mostly about things we would never know if we never tried it out. Working with people is the best thing to do in the design world. Collaborated designs are the best designs. The best thoughts come out of a group of designers.

One day we will get where we want to be. Here are 28 articles on how to get there:

I thought the format of this post was great. It grabbed your attention and got to the point. With that said, I think what you're saying is right. I think we idealize the work world and that its going to be like our dreams. When in some cases, and I'm not saying all, there are major let downs.

I think we experience them first within the application process when you apply for that job that you've been wanting, and to only find out that you didn't get it. Its difficult for some and again not all to get back into the swing of things. Although we all do get back up, its not with at least a half an hour of moaning, and your favorite movie, food, or drink.

I think to work within the freelance world right from right out of school there has to be a specific attitude and confidence in doing it. You have to pick yourself up and inspire yourself, and make connections by yourself. Which totally can be done but is more difficult than people think.

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