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Environment. Design. - these are items of debate that have come up in - well a ton of classes - especially this semester. My topic, convenience, is closely related to this debate. I want to implement as many environmentally friendly aspects into my design work as possible - but the first step to becoming a 'green' designer is being well informed on the subject matter. So, for this blog I did some research on two items related to this topic : Ink and Paper.

What types of recycled paper are the best to use? IJ Design out of Colorado is a green website and print design company - they state "Recycled paper made from 100% post-consumer waste is generally considered the most ecological choice in recycled papers." Infact, this company has a glossary of all the types of eco-friendly paper out there - very helpful I'll add it to the resource library but here it is now: Guide

Are there green options out there? As John Kalkowski, Editorial Director -- Packaging Digest, says in his article "When it comes to packaging, inks and substrates are married to each other. Once the two materials are bound, they are difficult to separate. But it does happen in recycling and in disposal, and the results can contribute to worsening environmental conditions."

The good news is there are new 'green' inks out there that a lot of printers are already using.

I worked on a print piece this summer for the Mndaily. When I met with Bolger , my printer, I brought up the question of 'green' inks inquiring on the price increase if I went that direction. I was surprised to learn that the only inks Bolger uses are green - to what degree I am unsure- but I was impressed by this response.

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