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The BeGreen campaign is just one example of the incredibly forward moving society that we are all a part of. Taking ideas that stem from renewal of energy, reducing our waste, tracking carbon footprints and reusing materials to benefit the earth show us that there is power in marketing not only for products, but for causes. Check out how complete the website is here and you will understand the importance of a solidified brand and attitude when talking about issues. BeGreen is a movement that has begun to take over in all areas of the United States and now in the world. They are solidified by their strong visual presence and their creative marketing strategies.

Using our design backgrounds to empower people is not just persuasion at its best. Empowering is making a differnence and feeling great about it. It is seeing the results in the changing of activities. It is incredible how wonderful you can feel when you track your carbon footprint and you can see it going down. Empowerment is used in gaming, and this is something that isn't even close to new to consumers. Winning a game and getting positive feedback from a machine console is empowering to us. It is great to see that groups are using these techniques to empower individuals in a way that can change the planet for good.

I am no tree-hugging hippie of sorts, but this is a great way to become involved in change. Check out how they are offering positive feedback when individuals opt to make a difference

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