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Let's talk social media: How empowering? How interconnected? How insane?

In a crazy cool book by Dave Evans founder of Digital Voodoo, an expert in social marketing, he states, "Building on the personal empowerment and liberation that the internet offers, consumers are actively connecting with each other and sharing information about everything from cars and health to scrapbooking techniques and pool chemicals. In the process, they are either reinforcing marketing efforts or beating marketers at their own game by directly sharing their own experiences and thoughts with each other." (Social Media Marketing). The idea that social media site like Facebook and Twitter and Myspace are all offering marketing without companies even tapping into it is crazy.

We are now in the age where marketers are tapping into this source of free advertising and marketing. I think that it is really cool that companies are starting to take a look at different blogs and twitter accounts, and they are actually following up via social media with clients in order to provide a better user experience. This, as a lot of things in advertising and marketing, comes with an interesting fine line between useful and overkill. In class we had a great debate over the boom in twitter and facebook use. We talked about many different facets of each of them and the overall consensus seemed to be that one would use the service if they wanted to, and if it wasn't relevant to their lives they wouldn't. Isn't that in-and-of-itself this ting we call target marketing? It is so perfect in my eyes for certain marketers to use these types of outlets such as facebook, twitter, myspace, as jumping off points for marketing campaigns, but there are niche markets which need to be found in order for this to be effective.

A very up-and-coming topic that should be really interesting in the next couple of years.

It will be interesting to see how social media sites and marketing evolve in the future. Now is the dawn of a new era, referring to social media and marketing. Think back to how any technology was ten years ago and compare it to now. A lot of amazing progress has been made. Thinking on the former statement, I wonder where social media and marketing will be in ten years. Perhaps tentacles from Facebook or Twitter will shoot out from your computer, driving their way into your brain to "hook you up" with the latest deals from company x. I hope that doesn't happen...

Many things have changed in technology and they will keep on changing. I agree that it will be interesting to see how social media will evolve its use in the future.

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