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Our waste is definitely a personal issue. There are various ways that people reduce their waste, and not everyone does the same. Some believe that recycling is enough, others collect tabs, others only buy eco-friendly, or help out in other ways. I think its being self-aware of what you're putting out and how much. There are give and takes in every situation, including waste.

Ecomii.com believes that, "living a simpler lifestyle isn't about doing without or cutting out the things you truly enjoy. It's about knowing the difference between what you "need" and what you "want." It's also about prioritizing - looking at your days and deciding what's really important to you so that you can make better decisions about how you spend your money. In this way, being careful about what you bring into the house has more benefits than just reducing the trash that you produce: It also can help to simplify your life and reduce your stress level."

My personal example is diet mountain dew, now if I could have a fountain at my house to reduce waste I would, however I don't believe I will be purchasing that anytime soon, but in the mean time I recycle my bottles, and believe it or not trying to reduce my dew intake. Now I'm aware of my mountain dew intake but I try to exchange that type of waste with my use of tupperware everyday or reuse bags. Thats my personal way of reducing. I think each person should have a small way that they are reducing their own waste.

While reading this blog it made me think of others that our classmates have also written about waste and it really makes me think of other ways waste can be reduced. I for one do recycle and do my best to reuse bags and use tuperware etc etc... but there is an ongoing issue now of ink and refilling it and recycling the cartidges. I recently bought a printer that does not allow refilling hte cartidges and they are tiny fricken ones at that... so it makes me wonder if Epson will follow the trend of Kodak or other ink brands and allow the refilling of their inks... i guess we'll just have to find out. Until then, I guess I will have to find other ways to reduce my carbon footprint..

I think that it is important to remember that there are more levels to reducing your carbon footprint. I always get confused when I am trying to help the environment because I find myself thinking about the production of all of the products that I consume. I am not saying that it is my belief, but playing devils advocate here, why are the consumers the ones that are targeted when it comes to all of the reduction of waste. Why don't we go after factories and refineries that produce the products we consume. In a way isn't the media blaming the public for waste that could be largely reduced by using better practice in factories?

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