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Print Biz Cards

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Hey guys-

I just recently got all of my business cards printed at It was really easy and I got my cards quickly after they were ordered...about a week! Also, they cut all of the cards! TIME SAVER!

The guys at Grow Interactive designed this site as a thank you to their clients and friends for the awards that they've won. They get to enjoy an interactive experience and then pick out a free shirt. While we can't get a free shirt, we can still enjoy the show. It's pretty sweet.

An interesting read, along with some helpful links near the bottom.

Check it out if you're heading down that path - talks about teaching yourself vs learning from a school.

If you look around while walking inside or outside, you'll notice that the environments we spend so much of our time in could really use the attention of graphic designers to increase convenience, usability, and safety while reducing ugliness. We live in a three dimensional world despite the time we spend looking at screens. So here's the site of the Society for Environmental Graphic Design (also a good website design). You should look at their blog relating to signage, wayfinding, and environments.

Also, I always find it reassuring that we can use our visual communication skills to inform and educate others. The Cool Infographics blog has examples of this, and also a section on books regarding information design (this section could cut down on search time in libraries or for purchasing). The next blog is kind of messy, but also has infographics examples for quick inspiration. The Periodic Table of Visualization Methods is quite charming, with rollover images illustrating different approaches (so many!).

Lastly, I find to be one of the most fascinating blogs I've come across, with links related to photography, graphic design, art, and science. Scrolling through is worth the time. There is also a large category for web design.


Please do yourself a favor and check out idsgn. The isn't updated every day, but it ensures that the content is never boring and over-saturated.


"Through more than forty case studies, nearly twenty interviews with experienced professionals, and a series of (nonscientific) surveys, Flaunt is a resource for design students as well as young, experienced, freelance, and independent designers. It explains how one can find a way to cohesively, succinctly and creatively showcase their work through an accessible, effective, and creative portfolio. Flaunt showcases a variety of alternatives through a selection of portfolios that represent both the most common approaches as well as some offbeat executions. Hopefully, this book will help ease the anxiety and burden of creating a portfolio--and, perhaps, even help demystify the process of putting it together, along with the expectations of presenting it."

Buy Flaunt from UnderConsideration

During our Design history project, my group was saddled with the task of collecting information about Social Media.

We did out best presenting to you the information we found, but really, we should have just played this video, created by JESS3 for an AIGA Baltimore Feb 2010 event.

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from Jesse Thomas on Vimeo.

If you're at all interested in cooperate logo design, Brand New is a great blog to follow.

It's written by UnderConsideration:

They compare old logos to their new logos, and give great insight/consideration about their success/failures.

Tips for Students

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For those of you who don't know, I've started a standalone blog containing tips for students. Each post is a different tip, so be sure to check it out.

All the best,

I can't tell you how many times I've been asked for a business card (ok, well I can, if I really wanted to think about it, and it was probably only like 5 times). Especially as we all start networking, and attending networking events, business cards become an invaluable asset.

But were do we get them printed? We all have these amazing designs, but who wants to print out double-sided card stock and trim 500 cards? I don't.

Anyway. I've yet to order from them, but I've seen results from, and they've been great. Nothing special, of course, no gold leaf or metallic prints, but quality paper and quality inks.

You can get 250 standard 2 sided 4-color cards for $20. With free-shiping. They also have slimmer cards, and square cards, and they do simple die-cuts (of course, costs extra). Here are their die-cut options:


So again, the link is I've been in discussions with some customer service reps for various reasons, and they have been extremely helpful.

They also have a twitter: @UPrinting, and probably a facebook, but who uses facebook anymore anyway?

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