summer.jpg The sun shines the beach and young men and women jumps into water, to the massive balloon. The background music is some sort that you hear a lot in the radio in summer: something that makes you feel like you are in the beach too. The men and women swims towards a massive balloon that is a shape of a Coca-Cola bottle. It is a Coca-Cola summer commercial from 2011.
Watching this commercial made me feel like I'm in the beach too, and I suddenly got thirsty. Because I was thirsty, I walked downstairs to the vending machine and gets Coke Zero without any hesitance. This commercial has achieved its intention: to make consumers want to buy their products. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines advertising as "the action of calling something to the attention of the public especially by paid announcements. In psychological approach, advertising is an application of classical conditioning, a form of learning in which we respond to a previously neutral stimulus with another stimulus that elicits an automatic response. For example, by showing a beautiful lady in the commercial of a cosmetic company, it attracts consumers by making them think, "if I use this product, I will look pretty too!" That's why most companies spend tons of budgets on marketing and advertising: to allure and to give good impressions to people on their brands to people. Some use certain slogans, characters, or certain melodies and chants to familiarize their companies. By giving these pleasurable stimuli, consumers can often be tricked. Therefore, we always need to receive information critically not to be fooled.

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