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This blog is maintained by Amber Parker for Digital Methods in Art Education class at the University of Minnesota Duluth.  I am currently a Senior working on my education block system.  This is my first foot in the door in terms of getting to know how to teach art and be a better teacher.  This is one of my many education classes that i am eagerly looking forward to attending and getting to know the material.  My goal throughout the rest of my education career is to know and be aware of how to be a great educator! :)

My passion for why i want to be a teacher is to help students understand the purpose of art and why we have art in our lives.  I want students to appreciate the subtle changes art can make in an individuals life.  My greatest concern about becoming a teacher is that the refined art methods such as drawing, painting, ceramics etc., will slowly start to become something of the past.  I say this only as a response to the ever growing technology era, a place where 2 years olds can better work the tv and navigate their cable better than their parents.  These children are practically born in front of a computer.  Though i enjoy digital art, i want to hold strong to traditional forms of art and my goal as an educator is to have my students recognize the importance of art in all aspects not just through technology.

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