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My Creature Project 1

For our first project we had to create a creature using images uploaded from everyone in the classroom, a face, landscape, animal, texture and something mechanical.  For my project i made a "baby butterfly" or some people in class had called it satan's baby, but that was not intentional of course for it to resemble something freaky.  I used the body of an owl and place a crying babies head on top and gave it butterfly wings (monarch), and used cat legs for antennas! I played with the colors and turned into something bright and highly saturated (so i suppose thats the freaky part).  The project was fun and fairly easy and im not all too familiar with photoshop (very little experience).  The greatest part of the project was turning it into a video, making the creature move around the background (which we also fabricated out of images).  I think this would be a great start for an activity with students, to help get them familiar with photoshop and it allows for creativity and problem solving, which as we all know can really help that student in other courses like math! hey hey!!  Also it connects the students with their own images and others, being able to see someone else use your photo in their creature makes that student feel good about themselves, plus its super fun to see your photo switched around! Overall, the project was a great success and i highly recommend it to any teacher to us when introducing photoshop!


Recently Noticed

What i have recently noticed is a Vibe not something tangible or visible.  I feel as though the art world is becoming overwhelmed with new technological advances, the world of media art and graphic design is the new hip and cool way to create art work.  I guess i am traditional in regards to creating artwork, i believe in the hand and pencil method to approaching art or the hand and paint brush method.  I understand that both approaches to art are different and i also know that they hold similarities but my reaction to graphic design and its increasing popularity is scary and overwhelming.  As a teacher of traditional taste, how will i affectively teach something i know little about and hold little interest in? I guess the answer is already there, its my appreciation for art in general, its how art affects my daily and living life, without art i would be lost.  So shall it be my adoring love for the art world that will help me teach my students? i think so.  Im sure we all have some understanding of this feeling of insecurity because we are approaching something unfamiliar, but if anyone has ideas for me or wants to share thoughts that would be great, all the advice i can get is appreciated! 

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