Digital Storytelling Reflection

For our storytelling project with the students was a bit overwhelming but satisfying to know that i helped out 2 students to expand their knowledge and to show them different ways of creating art.  I wish that there had been more time to give them and i wish that some of my mentors hadnt taken it upon themselves to work on this project mouse in hand with the students being there.  I understand that for time sake it was necessary for this to be done, but i felt that the students were more than able to just be told how and then they could explore and create.  


--the girls had fun and that is what matters the most
--the final product was really cute and cohesive
--the girls created all of the imagery! thats the bonus! the mentors did not have to get incredibly involved in the making, but rather the directing.
--students decided on how to modernize the piece
--students put in valuable thoughts and opinions
--students worked very well as a team!!! yay!!

--not enough time
--Mentors took too much time explaining due to lack of experience
--Mentors may have handled the mouse too much!

All in all it went fairly well! the final product is what i believe the girls were expecting and they did put a lot of their own thoughts and opinions into the work.

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