Final Project

For my final project i decided to go with Reknit tales/wearable art.  I had to use my project that i did with the students that came for 5 weeks on our frog prince movie.  My inspiration in turn was that of Monet's water lilies and the colors and style of brush stroke.  i wanted to take a handbag and implement these ideas using multiple materials to try and convey this cute, frog-princy, serene look but make it look like something someone would actually buy and use as a handbag.  I tried to maintain the colors that we used in our story line for the frog prince, those creamy greens and pinks, purples and yellows.  I used ribbon to accentuate the curves of the bag and to clean it up and make it look more "expensive."  The project itself probably cost no more than 5 dollars to make.  The bag was really fun to make, it was nice to use my abilities outside the realm of digital art and apply my painterly art style and taste to the project that we had already created.  

I did not try to make this bag look like a frog prince bag on purpose, i didnt want to place a cliche or a statement about that specifically but more so about the colors and the movement of the water and the colors of the water lilies.  So it was more so nature based and artist inspired based then about the story.  However, that being said i did try to add the triple bow set for that added girly touch and the gemstones for that added girly touch in hopes that you can get a hint of the atmosphere of the place.  

I think if i had to re-think this project, it might have been cool to do the entire bag in the felt that i had used for the water lilies.  But i really like the combination of the two materials of paint and felt. It gives it a background element and a forward ground element. Though they are not strong visually forward and back it at least gives texture and depth to the work, which i think gives it a more serene element.


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