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Frog Prince Digital Story


Over the past 5 weeks we have been working in the UMD Digital Workshop for students to come in and work with UMD digital methods students on photoshop and various animation techniques. Prior to the workshop as a class we worked on different animation techniques that we experimented and worked with to gain knowledge for the workshop. Many of the groups in the workshop ended up using these techniques in our storytelling digital animation.

Our idea for this workshop was to have the students create stories using fairy tales of old. The tales we have told our children for many many years.  But we wanted to add a little twist to those stories, or update them to how we view the world today.  In looking at the story it was actually the girls idea to have the princess and the prince dress in modern day clothing. And instead of a ball falling into the pond the girls decided that it should be an ipod (since everyone seems to have one these days). Overall it was a super cute idea to an already cute and romantic story line.

On this day all of the students worked on a project to get to know how to work in photoshop by creating short animations on their faces or "face animations-transformations"! In photoshop they just went step by step making clips that we later sequenced together to create the animation. It looked like the students had a lot of fun working in that. I was downstairs in the Tweed, so i was unable to participate in creating or helping any of the students. But it looked like they had fun!! :)

I worked with 2 other individuals on the story of the "Frog Prince" and we used the technique of paint animation and photoshop to create our story.  The students that worked with us were two sisters who were both very excited about the process and loved working on photoshop.

Getting started with the sisters was a bit tricky because as the mentors to this project we had very little to no experience working in photoshop and therefore couldnt explain or show how to create certain effects or details to the characters or the animation.

At firs the girls were fairly unfamiliar with photoshop and due to their timid nature (at first), getting them to work on photoshop with confidence was difficult. So we opted to have the girls draw out their characters on a piece of paper and then digitally scan the images into photoshop where they could then work with color.  It took all 2 hours for the girls to draw their character and paint them in photoshop.

On this day we had the girls go down to the Tweed and work on creating a paint animation. we had set up a camera and a work station with the needed paint materials and the girls created about 79 stills, that we later put together into an animation. The girls just drew out the background to the story, the pond, trees and grass and slowly worked out the drawing with paint brushes, pushing and moving the paint how they would like it.

DAY 4 & 5
On both of these days we had the girls continue to finish their characters and work on creating the background central scene, by adding pieces from Monet's Water Lily painting. We had them cut out chunks of his painting and then use hue saturation to change the color. The girls had a lot of fun working with that. My only surprise by these days was that the characters had not been done. We as the mentors tried to consistently encourage the girls to work on the characters and essentially to just get them done. We were surprised at how meticulous they were trying to be, which they didnt need to be, so to get them out of that meticulous state to start animating was difficult.  However, on about the 5th day the girls were creating their animation in photoshop and moving into i-movie.  The girls had a lot of fun working with I-Movie, making the sounds and seeing how the final production came out to be.

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