Marketing For Bars & Nightclubs - 4 Tips

We know that running a bar can be fun, but logistically, it's a nightmare. It entails a lot of organization and attention to detail, the kind of work that can only be done by a focused mind. Besides worrying about the staff, drinks, music, food, security, and other essential elements, a bar or nightclub owner also needs to think about bar marketing. The success of your bar depends on how many customers you can attract. So, to help you out, here are four things to remember if you want to be successful at bar or nightclub marketing.

1) Feature Everything That's New in Your Area

If you're the owner of a new bar, you probably live in a place that's teeming with activity. Get out and find out what's new. Are there any new good songwriters, beat-makers, DJs, or bands in the city? Go to concerts and other bars to take note of good, local talent. You can also organize photography or art exhibits for new and emerging visual artists. How about writers? Maybe a night of poetry or storytelling will attract a good customer base. You can even combine these elements into a single event--maybe break-in a new DJ while a photo exhibit is going on in the background. It's up to you. The point is that you should find out what's new in your city and put it in your bar. New is interesting and will attract more customers.

2) Get the Word Out Online: Be Extra Active in Social Media

Create an account in every social networking website you can find. Using these sites, you can connect to various types of people: fellow entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, regular desk monkeys--people who will likely be interested in a new bar or nightclub. This is also a good way to find new people and things to feature in your bar. The first step in having an effective internet marketing campaign is having a website where you can send your customers. We recommend using a trusted and professional company like Trying to do internet marketing without a website is like trying to fish without bait, it may work but chances are you'll be wasting your time.

3) Focus on Your Strengths

Every business has a strength. Do you sell the best local beer ice cold and at the cheapest price? Do you make the best chili in these parts? Do you only let the best musicians play in your bar? Whatever you do best, tell people about it. Have it announced on your social networking accounts. Put it on your flyers. Put it on a sign outside. Tell people what to expect when they come to your bar.

4) Go Viral

What does this mean? Viral marketing is subtle, guerilla marketing. It's taking an idea and creating such interest in it that people will have no choice but to talk about it and share it. It's easier described than done, obviously. But what you need to know about viral marketing is that it can stem from the simplest ideas. For instance, what if you let a mural artist paint one of your walls during happy hour? It'll give the customers something to look at while drinking, but most of all, it's interesting enough for people to talk about outside of the bar. Any interesting stunt or idea can be viral. Don't just think outside the box; think inside, around, above, below, and even beyond it.

It's all about connecting to people and their interests. As the owner of a bar or nightclub, you're actively part of the city's nightlife. You own a place where people go to have fun, create memories, hook up, or loosen up. That's what bar marketing, nightclub marketing is about. You're in the business of fun. Don't be afraid to dive in and enjoy yourself.

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