Fantage was first released in 2008 and since then has become one of the most popular online games of all time. Similar to other online games like club penguin, fantage is a safe place for children of all ages to hang out and play on their computers. You can learn all about the games history by checking this out.

On this new blog we'll be finding all the best fantage cheats and bringing them to you in one place! So be sure to visit every day and subscribe to our youtube channel for all the our videos.
So to kick it off we'll finish up with some of our favorite money and ecoin cheats that we've found since we started playing fantage
How to Get eCoins Cheat
This one is pretty easy and can get you a ton of money. Basically you need to open two different browsers on your computer (for example internet explorer, firefox, chrome, or safari). Next you need to visit fantage in both browsers and create a new character in one of them. Then you can play as a different person in each browser and challenge your main account then lose with the new account on purpose to get a ton of ecoins.
How To Get Stars Cheat

This one is pretty easy to do but read the guide closely. I found this one on the famous Fantage Cheats blog you can visit by clicking on that link. Okay so first you need to login to fantage and then go anywhere you want, it doesn't really matter. Next you need to click on the mini quest button which you can find if you look in the upper left side of the screen. Then just visit the first tab or page on the list. All you have to do is watch all the videos, there should be like 6 or so. After you finish watching everything you will get a ton of stars for your character and even a couple gems too.
So that's all for the first set of fantage secrets and tips but we will be adding more once we get a chance.
This post was written by Nick Oliver .

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