Poptropica Adventures Review

Poptropica Adventures is the new DS game released from the creators of poptropica. If you have played the online version you will probably enjoy the nintendo DS version as a lot of the same things are integrated into both games.

To help you understand a little more about the game and if it would be a good thing for you to try out we've put together a basic list of pro's and con's for poptropica adventures.

First off be sure to take note that both of us are pretty big fans of Poptropica so our review might be a little biased, that said let's get on with the review.

The Good

  • Easy to play from anywhere. A lot of poptropica fans don't get to play anywhere but from their computers so having this allows you to play in the car, waiting in line, outside, and more.
  • 6 Different game types and models to play. This includes mazes, racing, jumping, catching, and dodging style games. This makes the game stay fun as you don't have to get bored doing one thing.
  • Pretty high quality design and graphics, which are better than we expected.

The Bad

  • Some of the games can get boring if you play the same one to many times.
  • Only 4 poptropica islands are included.
  • You have to buy a nintendo ds to play the game.

Overall though we would give poptropica adventures a 4/5 stars as it is a fun game to play and I probably play it more than any of my other nintendo ds games. It is easy to pick up and play for a little bit unlike a lot of video games that aren't really worth it unless you have 20 minutes or more to play. By playing this game and using some good poptropica cheats you can have a lot of fun in only a few minutes on gameplay.

So if you are a poptropica fan or have someone in mind for the game who is, we would both recommend picking up a copy!

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