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The first Experience at Menroe

I visited menroe elementary school and volunteered. My volunteer work is to tutor and mentor to elementary school students. Since high school, I really would like to tutor and metor mathmetics. by this chance, I was very happy that I could volunteer what I've wanted. I have loved spending time with childrens by playing as well as helping them complete assignments. but, I was worrying alot because I've just got here. my english may be worse than the students! I was really nervous. Actually I don't what to do there. I can't teach and revise their writing, and other subjects except math. what if they hate me because I am not good at english.
I arrived the school, and checked-in, I was waiting the students. I was with 5th grade students. When we first met, They were very cute and funny! during first 2 hours, I'm supposed to help them do their homeworks.
they didn't ask many questions. They were trying to solve their assignments by themselves. They joked many! especially Gavin called King gavin.(I like him very much! I was very bad at memorizaing english name. so I don't remember my classmates' names very well. but I was trying to memorize name! I wrote their name on my note several times. I can remember Gavin, raina, alexia, kira Actually these might be wrong spell.) and they seemed to like me!?! and next 1 hours , I was playing soccer with them. and helping folding paper into various figures. I think I had a lot of fun. I really really want to get along with them! I can not wait volunteering there. and In my opinion, This would be a good chance to learn american culture. So far, so good! I cannot wait meeting them!!