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blog prompt #5

BLOG PROMPT #5 Explore through image and text how the built environment affects (supports or detracts) who you are. Speculate in terms of frameworks, clockworks, phenomena and oppositions.

Before get started, take a look at some of pictures of built environment.

1. Cappadoccia, Turkey

2. Petra, Jordan

3. Meteoro Monastery, Greece

4. Ouro Preto, Minas, Brazil

5. Acropolis, Athens, Greece

6. CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

7. Dar Seffarine Palace, Fez, Morocco

8. Notre Dame de Paris, Paris, France

they're marvelous and amazaing, arent' they?
Let's talk about framework, clockworks, phenomena, opposition
1) framework - what is framework? It's very difficult to define framework. it can be thought as a set of relationships, which is fixed and also systems, rules. In my opinion This is kind of order, procedure that we have to keep in mind.
2) Clockworks - this is a cycle. rotation, circulation. for example, season,
3) Phenomena - this is something happened under framework, clockworks., opposition.
4) opposition - literally this means resistance. everything oppose against something. For example, architecture have to oppose against time, weathering, gravity in order to be permanence.
I think the built environment affect me positively everyday. As you can see through the pictures, these buildings have great frameworks, procedure. rule. so, they look perfect, elaborate. Do you think to build these kind of structure is easy? No way, It may require a great precision, structure, clockworks, phenomena, oppostion. Architecture is not simple study, but complex and practical study. When I first saw this kind of buildings from books or web, I was very much fascinated by architecture. Even though some old buildings were built long time ago, such as church, It still has an impact to me. Even now, It looks so marvelous. How did people build architecture like this? And also modern architectures are marvelous. They are such tall and looks like future buildings, high-technologic. while seeing pictures of architecture, I thougt that I did want to design gorgeous building and learn how to design it. Because I have been fascinated by these architecture, I really want to major in architecture. So due to this, I've got here, university of minnesota!