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4th volunteer work at monroe

I've been there for the 4th time. At this time, I was working for 3rd grade students, not a fifth students. I had worked for only fifth grade students before. When we met first time at cafeteria, they asked me to say some words such as their name. They thought that because I was not a native-speaker, my accents would be weird. So I just said what they wanted me to pronunciate. I was little bit upset at that time. Because they were making fun of me! but It was OK. It's true that my English sucks! As well as They seemed to be interested in myself, foreigner. and then we and a teacher went to a classroom. for about 40 minutes, we had a time to do their assignments. students was solving some math problems which is something like a area of parallelogram. After that, I and students played a game about multiplication. we solved some problems together. after that, a teacher talked about something. I don't remember exactly. during that time, a student was kicking me over and over. It was freaking annoying, you know. I said "stop it seriously, please ", but he didn't stop. he pissed me off. but I controlled myself. some of them are trouble-maker, rude, no respect for a teacher. Also They are too energetic to be controlled. they're crazy! but also they're very kind and cute, you know. When I was about 10 years old like them, I was definitely same with them. I was little bit upset and enjoyed by them. after regular after-class, I went to a gym to play a sports with them as usual. we played a baseball. they' were fast......I felt again that they were freaking more energetic than I am. It was funny time. I want to work again for 4th grade students