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blog promt #9

about the Presentation which was talking about Dubai. let me evaluate the presentation in terms of 3 criteria like last week. 1st Their topic's creativity 2nd Information 3rd Design of their portfolio, In conclusion, They've got really good portfolio as well as research.

- My Analysis?

1. topic
there topic's creativity. Their goal was developing nationsworldwide. and focused on dubai. I think That was so creative. I think the topic was related to the goal, developing nationsworldwide very well and architecture. Thru their presentation, I could understand the reason why they chose Dubai as the objective of their research which is that Dubai's plan to utilize other coutries and firms technology to be one of high-developed cities could be a model or good example for other cities.
And I think its good example.

2, Information.
They researched Dubai's Economy, Education, Tourism, Structure, and Technology which were in detail
It was pretty well organized. Their analysis was Very logical in terms of their Goal, which is developing city. thru their presentation, I noticed they had been participating in term project hard.

* Their presentation *

3, Design.
As you see, they used good pictures and simple explanations which were comprehensive. So the portfolio looked very clear, simple. I believe we don't need to include too much information in portfolio. but do need just very main ideas.
The design looked like kinda book. I dont know what program they utilzed making the portfolio. It was pretty much good as a portfolio.