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Breaking News! College Dorms Noisy!

An article in Saturday's Star Tribune talks about a very near and dear subject: dormitory noise levels. The tone of the piece is light-hearted and runs alongside the Emmy predictions in the print edition. It talks about how some students have trouble confronting roommates, suite-mates, and neighbors with complaints about noise, ruckus and "--not to mention loud intimate encounters in adjoining rooms..." (Rosenblum). The article is a good piece for the front page of the Source section, which covers arts, entertainment, and other human interest articles. The article is balanced; it doesn't list towards the side of the noisy students or the side of the victimized students. One problem I found with the article is that, while it does offer one community advisor's opinions on how to fix these kind of interpersonal problems, Rosenblum doesn't offer any alternative fixes.


Hmm. You've never experienced (or caused) this problem have you? ;^)