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Murderer of Child Stays in Jail

Eugene Fort tried to reopen a case against him that had convicted him of murdering an 11-year-old child in 1990. According to a September 29 Star Tribune article, a fellow inmate of Fort's, one Paul Rice, confessed to the murder on two occasions. But, after examining the confession and the evidence, the court decided to reject the appeal for a new trial. Turns out, Rice confessed to shooting the boy, while the evidence showed that the boy had been stabbed 44 times. This Pioneer Press article tells the same story, but presented the facts of the incorrect confession much earlier than the Star Tribune article did. The Star Tribune took a more narrative approach to the story than the other did, presenting the background information before telling about the incorrect confession. The Press article's lead is one sentence about the false testimony, while the Star Tribune's lead shows the responses of the murdered boy's mother when she heard her son's killer wasn't going to receive a new trial. The good thing about both of these stories is that they were both written by local reporters, and not generated by the AP. This saves the articles from having a tinge of bias toward one side or the other.